How GDPR Certification Training Helps to Protect Your Clients and Employee Data

If you’re a business that deals with global customers, you’re definitely impacted by GDPR. Whether it is a business or a professional, anyone and everyone will be required to comply with the policies framed under GDPR. With the advent of GDPR, Customer Relationship Management is grossly impacted. Certain actions of CRM which were perfectly legal have become illegal and, certain inaction that was adherence of law is now circumvention.

A complete GDPR e-learning course will help you navigate through the maze of data privacy as detailed in GDPR. It includes the fundamentals such as the definition and, wide connotation that data privacy entails. Once you learn the basics, it is imperative to know the nuts and bolts of protecting data and confidential information.

Topics like the one you read above, helps in identifying what classifies as Personal Data and Sensitive Data. GDPR is different from HIPAA as that focuses on Data related to the health of Patients such as medical information; heart condition, respiratory impediments or any other critical information that pose a potential risk in events of breach.

Amongst the many reasons that warranted the induction of GDPR; one was unauthorized access to emails that are transmitted on the server. During a mail exchange, crawlers on the web may unscrupulously scan the mail text and extract key information such as Credit Card details, date of birth or other sensitive data. This normally happens when a mail is incorrectly sent. Either to non-existent email address or a recipient entirely different from the intended receiver. Such email problems trigger breach of data security. GDPR training eliminates such errors of grievous nature even though it may appear harmless to an untrained staff.

It is the need of the hour that employees and every other stakeholder in the organization must undertake GDPR certification training. Without a GDPR awareness course training, an organization is exposed to the risk damages and penalties for actions that may appear innocent and naïve.

Erudition of privacy policies will help a business go a long way without hiccups. It’s better to be safe than sorry. And with courses that educate employees; a lot of pitfalls can be avoided.



Sunil Mohal
Sunil Mohal is an ITIL® Expert, engaged in assisting organizations in the area of training and certification for almost 30 years. From setting up and managing captive support centres involving a few thousand systems to supporting global organizations with hundreds of thousands of employees in fulfilling their training needs, Sunil has seen technology and its use and misuse from close quarters.