Is GDPR Training A Legal Requirement For Organizations?

By now, everybody everywhere knows GDPR has been fully implemented. It is the most recent law that supersedes all previous enactment. In case two law clashes, GDPR will stand. Jurists, lawyers, and judges are vigilant of the repercussions of GDPR. However, with all the hue and cry over GDPR, we’re here to clear the air on the most confusing aspect of all. Is GDPR training a legal requirement for organizations?

With all the fuss over the legal implication for GDPR training, many have missed the point. GDPR certificate training is not a legal mandate as envisioned under the GDPR policy. Organizations are mandated to conduct certain hours of training. They may be expected to do so but it is strictly not a legal directive. The most important point to consider is compliance. It is absolutely a compulsion to comply with the regulation in its entirety. No data breach, no data misuse or adequate disclosure to the owners of data are a few of the major highlights envisioned under the GDPR regulation.

But does all this mean that a GDPR Awareness course is not important? Obviously not! A regulation so complex and comprehensive requires in-depth understanding. With so many intricacies involved, it is highly probable to make errors. If not at the top level, but at lower levels of the enterprise where the actual data exchange and processing take place.

A lot of noise and confusion arise at the point of data transfer. Responsibilities are blurred and employees generally pass the buck. In order to streamline the process and align ownership & responsibility of data privacy, it is almost life-saving for an organization to include GDPR certification training in their corporate training programs.

Sunil Mohal
Sunil Mohal is an ITIL® Expert, engaged in assisting organizations in the area of training and certification for almost 30 years. From setting up and managing captive support centres involving a few thousand systems to supporting global organizations with hundreds of thousands of employees in fulfilling their training needs, Sunil has seen technology and its use and misuse from close quarters.